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MEGA SWAG DAY!!!!!!!! August 5, 2011

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Today is a Mega Swag Bucks Day!

Not heard of SWAG BUCKS?  Well it is a very easy way to earn a little extra fun stuff.  You do your normal everyday searches online using Swag Bucks.  I use there toolbar that I downloaded to make it even easier.

On MEGA SWAG BUCKS day they award huge amounts of SWAG BUCKS!  You can trade in your swag buck for tons of thing like Amazon Gift Cards (450 swag bucks) to a Play Station.  It does not take long to earn Swag bucks and the rewards are great!

I personally am using my SWAG bucks for Amazon Gift Cards to buy Christmas Presents this year!

Start SWAGGING!!!!!!!

OK So my links are not working..do not know why go to swagbucks.com if you want to try swag bucks!


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