Finding Royal Deals for You

How to Coupon July 12, 2011

I have been Couponing Seriously for two months now.  I have save a total of over $275 on groceries and over $100 on other items like office supplies and craft stuff.  Not bad for a beginner!

I have learned a lot along the way.

~       BE ORGANIZED.  Have your coupons organized so they are easy for you to use.  Also be organized when you go into the check out lane.  This will make thing go smoother for both you and the cashier.

~       BE REALISTIC with your time.  I do not have 40 hours or more a week to spend couponing like the Extreme Couponing TV Show shows, but I can set aside a couple of hours a week.  That couples of hours used right mean major savings.

~       COUPON ETHICALLY!  Do Not Photo Copy Coupons!  Do Not clear the shelf so no one else can take advantage of the sale.  Do Not use coupons for product they were not intended for.  When you do not coupon ethically you ruin couponing for everyone else!

~       SHARE! Share your deals with your friends.  No need to hoard them for yourself the more you share the more info you receive and everyone win!

~       COUPON FOR CHAIRTY!  If you can get something free or cheap that you do not use consider picking it up for charity!

~       PRINT COUPON POLICIES FOR EACH STORE.  Have up-to-date print outs of the coupon policies for each store you visit.

~       USE COUPON DATABASES.  Coupon databases are a great way to coupon match sales.

~       BUY WHAT YOU WILL USE.  Couponing does not save you any money if buy thing you do not need and will not use.

~       COUPON WITH A SMILE!  The more fun you have with couponing the more fun the people around you will have.

~       HAVE FUN!

I have learned a lot and I am still learning.  Thanks for coming with me on my Royal Adventure.

Have a Super Fantastic Royal Day!


Duchess of Deals!

Watch for my upcoming blogs about Organizing Coupons, How to Match up Coupons and Where to get Coupons.


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